Bayside Astronomy and the Biosphere Raffle Are Back

Submitted by Mike Warkentin, BPBA Volunteer

Yes it has been a long, cold and wet spring, but summer is back. June 21st at 11:54 am EDT is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. Not only is summer back, but so is Bayside Astronomy and the annual BPBA raffle.
Bayside Astronomy has been running since 2012 and since we started, has educated and thrilled over 16,000 people from all around the world. They learn about the importance of preserving our dark skies, and then get to see planets like Jupiter and Saturn, globular clusters like the Hercules cluster M13 and distant galaxies like the Andromeda Galaxy M31, through our volunteer’s telescopes.
This year we were able to fund raise enough money through our generous supporters like the Municipality, the Lions Club and the Rotary Club, as well as government organizations like HRSDC and UNESCO in Canada, to enable us to hire 2 summer students. Dhvani Chetan Doshi is a first year student in Astrophysics at the University of Waterloo and her knowledge of the physics behind the stars and planets that we observe will provide some fascinating discussions. Malcolm Warren is a first year student in Chemistry at the University of Regina and was so impressed by the program that he decided to drive all the way out from Saskatchewan to join the program. Malcolm has been volunteering with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada giving star talks, so he hits the ground running. Dhvani and Malcolm with be giving the star talks at the beginning of the program so please give them a warm welcome when you attend.
Bayside runs every Friday and Saturday at sunset at the marina in Lion’s Head, Sunday at Singing Sands Park, Monday at Miller Family Camp and Wednesday at Summer House Park. We start on Friday June 28th and go till August 31st, and remember it’s totally free!
Annual Fundraising Raffle
To help fund the equipment at Bayside as well as other environmental initiatives such as water quality testing and forest connectivity, the BPBA is offering our annual raffle.
We have some great prizes this year, but let’s cut to the chase, everyone loves money. Our top prize this year is a $500 VISA gift certificate! Second prize is a beautiful 24 X36 Canvas Photo of two dock chairs by the rolling waves of Lake Huron called Summer’s End by board member Mike Campbell, perfect for any cottage. Third prize is a beautiful color linocut called Raven’s Edge by local artist Stuart Burgess. Fourth prize should excite all the young budding astronomers on the Bruce, a Meade Lightbridge 114 mm table top beginners Dobsonian telescope. Fifth prize is a lovely turquoise Necklace, earrings and ring by local artist Susan Skaith. Finally our sixth prize consists of 2 Eco Adventure gift certificates.
Please help us out this year by purchasing tickets at local retailers.