Lion’s Head Hospital Auxiliary Mans Successful Food Booth During Cheech Festival Ball Tourney

Team Unga Bunga, winner of one of the four divisions in the tournament, along with four burger flipping Hospital Auxiliary members. Unga Bunga gave the Hospital Auxiliary a donation of $250 to end our weekend with four huge smiles.
Submitted by Sandy Walsh, LHHA President

The Lion’s Head Hospital Auxiliary would like to first off thank the Chi Cheemaun Festival Committee for giving us the opportunity to run the food booth at the festival as a fund raiser this year. You also shared with us your past experience and knowledge and gave many valuable tips. With the long hours the booth is open it takes a lot of volunteer hours to man the booth. It was certainly a learning experience for us, but it is our intent to be back next year with a little bit of experience under our belts.
Peacocks Foodland sure does an amazing job and made our work so much easier. A special thanks to “The Ricks” and staff for sharing all your past experience, making it all so doable and for making the burgers that has everyone saying “I’ve waited all year for another one of your great burgers”.
Thank you to everyone from the Tobermory area as well as all the ball team members for coming out and supporting the Lion’s Head Hospital Auxiliary by making purchases but also by dropping some tips in our tip jar. We couldn’t have been more pleased with all of the wonderful support.
We were very lucky to have team Unga Bunga, winner of one of the four divisions in the tournament, generously donate $250.00 to the Hospital Auxiliary, a great end to our weekend.