MNBP Asks STA Owners Not to Rent to Visitors Until at Least Jan 23

By John Francis

In a letter dated Dec 23, Northern Bruce Peninsula’s CAO Peggy Van Mierlo-West asks “that Short Term Rentals not be rented to anyone who is not in need of housing, during the period of December 26th — January 23rd”.

She acknowledges “the work you have put into protecting our residents and visitors. Without your extra care and patience in implementing sanitization protocols, decreasing capacity limits within your properties and closing rentals when we asked in the spring, we would not have the low cases of Covid-19 today.”

She reminds people “to please stay at your primary residence and limit travel to only essential. Should you have concerns about your vacation property please contact one of the many management businesses within the area.”

Despite the Provincial lockdown, there seem to be a lot of visitors in MNBP. As many as 60 cars have been parked at the National Park lot for the Grotto.