Letter: Let’s Keep It Simple… Are You Very Sure There Is This Huge Issue Here With STAs?



I must object to the tone and overt simplicity of your editorial on STAs. You refer to “reported” – well, reporters are supposed to be neutral unless, of course, if they work for CNN.

Firstly, we have great hopes that the Council with solve this in a simple matter as the data shows a very limited issue. To date nothing has been done except to hire an inexperienced consultant who has essentially copied and issued the Blue Mountain’s bylaw as a draft which isn’t applicable to us as they operate 12 months of the year, etc. Issuance of this huge document as a draft, without consultation and talking of $3,000 registration fees is causing an issue. Recently there has been agreement to finally have public consultation so let’s start again with paperwork from places similar to us like Tiny Township.

Your hyperbole on the melting of fascia on a nightly basis due to bonfires doesn’t help. I live here all year and don’t observe this kind of issue. Also I live a few houses away from 2 of the larger rentals and I don’t hear/see any problems. I guess when you pay $3000 to $4000 a week for hardwood floors and A/C you don’t get the butler to light wiener cooking fires every night. (cause it’s boring and it smells up your designer jeans?).

Finally John, your insinuation that people should go “over at 11 PM and tell them to keep it down” is directly against the advice of the Wiarton OPP Staff Sargent. He told SEPO members three times over the last few years to NOT confront the revellers but rather phone the OPP. Only the OPP and not By-law with their college age helpers. OPP have cars in the area on long weekends.

Are you very sure there is this huge issue here with STAs? Or is it people unhappy and refusing to accept change as Tobermory becomes a crowded zoo in the summer forevermore. Sure, I like the memory of the salad days of 30 years ago when you could park at the side of any road and buy fresh fish at the NE end of Little Tub. But times change, populations increase and we have to share. Hopefully we can be civilized enough not to attempt to eat each other while adapting?

On the humorous side I found that the noisiest partiers last summer during covid were the elated new cottage owners of about 55 years of age – parties with relatives and friends every weekend as staycations, new sports cars/pickup trucks, mid life crisis, seadoos, cases of 24 and new girlfriends every weekend. We do need some real data here or all these undocumented issues in the Bruce Peninsula Press begin to sound like reports on the Lock Ness Monster…


Kevin Doyle

Dorcas Bay

PS: Did I see a statement on the front page over the winter speaking of parking issues at Mermaid’s Cove with a recommended heavy-handed solution of no parking signs? Really?

What “problem”? There is a 60-foot road allowance on a dead-end road – put in parking spaces. Otherwise the plebeians, locals and seniors who don’t live on Grant Watson Drive can’t access Mermaid’s cove.