Letter: A Plea to Drivers – Locals and Guests – Slow Down


There are very limited sidewalks in Tobermory, as well as limited paved shoulders where a pedestrian, or a child learning to ride a bike can do so safely. When you live outside of town, all that is available to you is partially graveled roadways with extremely limited or NO shoulder to use. Specifically, Cape Hurd Road. I use this road with my family to run, walk and bike. There is no shoulder and what does exist is a drop that ends in the forest. A child riding a bike could severely hurt themselves if they were to fall down the shoulder.

As a driver, once you cross Cape Hurd/McArthur/Munn corners, the roads become 50km. I can appreciate that the length of that road, until you hit a curve, is most inviting to ride it like the Indy 500. However, when you are a pedestrian on that road and a car, truck, a truck towing a trailer barely move over to give you a safe amount of space and continue to drive like they are in a race car is EXTREMELY disconcerting and incredibly rude. The small rocks that fly up from the road and hit you in the face and body, do not tickle. 

There is absolutely no reason, that I can think of, that someone needs to pass a person, especially a child, going even the posted 50km. 


There is absolutely no where that you need to be that taking a life would justify the speed you choose to go. 

Would it hurt to actually slow down to maybe 40km for the few moments it would take you to pass us and continue at the posted 50km to your final destination? 

I should be able to run/walk and my children ride their bikes safely and not worry about getting bumped or hit by a guest or by a local I share this community with. 

We do not live in the city where there are sidewalks everywhere or bike lanes and I am happy not to. I live in the country where it is peaceful and should be safe to enjoy being outside. 

PLEASE, please slow down. Please take a moment to think about the lives you are passing and SLOW DOWN. It will not kill you BUT driving like you are in a race of your life could. PLEASE. SLOW. DOWN. 

Thank you,

Kathryn Hauck