Letter: Canada’s First Basic Income Bill C-273 Is Here


Dear editor,

Canada’s first Basic Income Bill C-273 is here and we need to connect the dots. 

There is a lot of concern for affordable and attainable housing in Bruce and Grey Counties and especially the Northern Bruce. This situation could be in part alleviated if a Basic Income allowed for a higher standard of living and more people being able to afford rent at closer to market value. This might lead to more investment in the rental market and start to reset housing prices in general. 

The Basic Income gives people autonomy to make changes in their lives which aligns with our rural culture and supports the economy in ways more of us need to better understand. Let’s move our discussion out of silos and support Bill C-273 which will start a national strategy for a progressive social and economic policy. Canadians don’t need a failing social safety net post COVID-19; we need a solid income foundation for all who need it.


Noreen Steinacher