Letter: Solving Lion’s Head Beach Geese Problem Responsibly


Each morning I walk the outer and inner harbours in Lion’s Head. Have done this for four years now since the village became our permanent home.

It is such a special experience, every day there is something new, rusty red skies, clouds that paint their own pictures, and water that can go from calm to a lion’s roar. Nature brings such wonderment. The Canada Geese, ducks, sea gulls, crows, the two beavers and even a few skunks create a picture of tranquillity.

However this harmony does have a price. This summer the Canada Geese population grew, not to the thousand or so people imagine (I’ve actually counted) but it did grow. I understand solutions are required to deal with the “mess” that is left behind.

I hope we see this as an opportunity to solve the issue responsibly using care and kindness as our guiding principle. Perhaps the key lies in soliciting Rupert’s services, along with daily clean-up crews from the summer municipal staff and an organized group of volunteers that just simply pick up the mess. 

I am hopeful that council and the residents of Lion’s Head will come up with a Lion’s Head solution that demonstrates our ability to balance and be inclusive of all aspects of life. We need a solution we can all be proud of.

Karen G. Livick,

Lion’s Head