Bear Tracks Inn & Restaurant Prepares Meals For Meals On Wheels Program

Bear Tracks owner Roberta Mielhausen with Meals on Wheels volunteer driver Ron Wheeler.
By Joanne Rodgers, Bruce Peninsula Press

Last fall, Bear Tracks Inn and Restaurant located in Ferndale, ON became the local Meals on Wheels provider for the Lion’s Head area.

Home and Community Support Services of Grey-Bruce (HCSS) engages local meal providers to provide nutritious meals taking into account dietary and allergy needs. Each hot meal consists of meat or fish, vegetables, bread, soup or salad and dessert. Typically Bear Tracks provides soup during winter and fall and salads are served with the spring and summer meals. The cost of the delivered meal is $7.50 and it is dropped off at the client’s door at approx. 4 p.m. by volunteers.

Roberta Mielhausen of Bear Tracks says the demand varies from week to week. Sometimes she provides 15 meals and at other times only five meals are supplied. The meals are delivered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. She says there are very flexible options regarding delivery; it can be only on a certain day of the week, it can be short term to fill a need during a medical or family emergency or long-term as needed. Currently meals are supplied to Lion’s Head, but Mielhausen recommends that any senior in Northern Bruce requiring meals delivered should contact HCSS to arrange for meal delivery.

HCSS cites some of the benefits of the program, such as giving access to well-balanced, affordable meals is imperative to the independence and sustenance of isolated seniors and individuals with disabilities. Also, that healthy eating provides essential energy and nutrients for general welfare and maintenance of health and functional autonomy, and reduces the risk of chronic diseases at older ages. There are emotional and psychological as well as physical benefits. Sometimes a friendly Meals on Wheels volunteer may be the only person a client interacts with in a given day. Additionally the volunteer performs a valuable security check for isolated clients and can notify the proper authorities in the case of accident or injury.

The organization says this is a great time to become a volunteer, to make a donation, or to call to receive meals delivered to your door. 

For more information, please contact: Tel: 1-800-267-3798 or 519-372-2091

Email: [email protected]

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