Letter: Change For the Sake of Change? Remember Why We Love This Place


Dear Editor,

A few thought for your readers…

My love affair with the Bruce has been as long as I can remember. I was born on May 22nd 1954; my first trip to the cottage was shortly thereafter. Third generation son, and very proud grandson of a grandfather who had the insight in 1933 to pool together some cash for a dream, the dream of being on the Bruce, back in the day when $300 or $400 dollars was a lot of money, but knew in his heart this would be a good thing.

My fond but limited memories of my grandfather, a quiet comforted man, proud of his accomplishment, love of family and the unselfish love of the cottage which he gladly shared. 

This was my upbringing from birth till present day. Old photos show friends and family enjoying and accepting the cottage for what it was, and for me still is. When the car turned off at the Pike Bay road on a Friday night, the excitement was unbearable. The thought of a weekend here made the long week worth it all. We fished, we swam, we skipped rocks and explored – and loved every minute of it.

We live here now, something my father, nor his father, were able to do… we are lucky… we are the group who by chance or effort chose to get out of the “race” and enjoy what we have always longed for, the solitude of the cottage and the Bruce.

My fear of change is real. I fight it daily. Not that change isn’t okay or needed, but change for the sake of change is what scares me. The value of property being what it is back in the “burbs” we are moving up earlier, retiring earlier, finally coming home to where we have always wanted to be… on the Bruce. My fear and my caution to us all, myself included, is to remember why we love this place, why we are here. 

Stores are a bit farther away… oh well. Road is not paved… oh well. Trees are blocking my view… oh well. You get the idea. If you try to change everything, why did you move here? 

David Uren