Letter: Climate Action Committee Statement Misleading


I was pleased to learn (Joanne Rodgers’ report in the January Press) that the Local Climate Action Committee is now an established fact. However, I must question Chair Mike Campbell’s claim that “…. there is no turning back the clock. The carbon dioxide that is in the atmosphere now will always be there and …… cannot be rolled back by any action we take.”

I believe that this is a seriously misleading and pessimistic viewpoint because the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is in fact a two way, dynamic one: certainly it is being added in various ways, most recently and overwhelmingly by human action, but it is also continuously being removed – think absorption by trees (otherwise why plant more) and solution in water bodies to be removed as carbonate minerals (example limestone)…

The trouble today is that the additions outweighing the removals, create a condition of increasing concentration and therefore warming and therefore climate change. However, sufficient action by us to reduce the addition side of the equation and increase the removal side could even make it possible to return the CO2 concentration back to its pre-industrial level.

With the will to do it, therefore, it is possible. Electric vehicles; solar panels (what if they became mandatory for every new-build roof!), hydro, tidal and wind turbines etc.

Notice, I didn’t include nuclear …

Locally, nationally and globally though. 

So go for it, Climate Action Committee: every bit helps and small contributions by many aware individuals can contribute more than one major, government declaration. 

In hope, 

Tony Barton, 

Sky Lake, SBP