Letter: North Bruce Chooses to Opt Out of Recreational Cannabis Stores


A quick shout out to the newly elected council who made the right decision concerning retail recreational cannabis stores. The council promptly said no to cannabis stores, I assume in an attempt to stem the flow of corporate cannabis into our local markets. 

Bruce County has been home to cannabis farmers for decades. These farmers have brought millions of dollars into our local economy and have provided medicinal and recreational cannabis to community members. The introduction of corporate cannabis stores would only contribute to the flow of wealth and self determination out and away from our local economy. The council being made up of farmers and supporters of local agriculture had no choice but to maintain the current state of affairs.

The federal liberal government, which refers to all cannabis not supplied by their corporate backers as black market cannabis, has once again betrayed the electorate. Cannabis has not been legalized, it has been co-opted by the corporate sector, thus further increasing the transfer of wealth from local farms to corporations. Legalization at the very least should mean nobody goes to jail. Local farmers who defy the new fake legalization regime, can and will go to jail in ever increasing numbers. The hypocrisy of the federal liberals, who are more than a little obsessed with politically correct language, is apparent in their use of the term black market to describe all cannabis not sanctioned by them. The craft cannabis produced by local farmers is for the most part far superior and less harmful than the industrial cannabis sold by the government. It certainly costs less and is more readily available.

Thanks again to the council members for taking a further step towards a local economy, despite attempts by the corporate state to destroy the wild self determined nature of the North Bruce Peninsula.

Andy Elliott