The 135 year old Big Tub Lighthouse has been completely renovated. The work commenced on June 10th and was completed by July 17th.
Submitted by Friends of Bruce District Parks (Big Tub Light Committee)

Our 135 year old lighthouse has been completely renovated with new pre-painted cedar shakes and a first-class paint job on the window frames and the roof. It looks just like it should – almost brand new, as befits an icon of our community.

The work commenced on June 10th and was completed by July 17th, right on schedule. Our thanks go to And-Rod Construction, who did the bulk of the work, Rydall Contracting who remediated the pathway to the light, and Glen’s Electric who dealt with the wiring that had to be removed during the job and reinstalled afterwards.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Parks Canada who loaned us their equipment and staff (Will Francis) to clear trees and deadfall so the construction equipment could get to the site safely.

We are also very grateful to our committee member Graham Harkness who hired the contractors and oversaw the work as it progressed. His experience in this field was invaluable.

Above all, we are indebted to the many people who donated to the project. They are each acknowledged in the advertisement in this edition of the Press (see below), but two contributors deserve special mention. The Municipality of the Northern Bruce Peninsula and the Blue Heron Company; between them, they provided one-third of the budget.

We are mindful, too, of those who gave to our 2012 campaign. It was the residue of their donations and a top-up from the Friends of Bruce District Parks that gave us a great base from which to launch our appeal. In addition, we recognize the Bruce Peninsula Press for publishing our articles about the Light that were the foundation of our fundraising.

The materials used in the conservation carry a 15 year warranty, extendable by ten years on repainting, so our light should be good until at least its 150th birthday before any major attention is required. Our surplus funds are being reserved for occasional maintenance, especially if winter storms, with our current high water levels, cause any damage.

There were a dozen or so gallons of Coast Guard-approved paint left over from the project and these have been donated to the Municipality in the hope they may be useful for the reconstruction of the Lion’s Head Light.

Thank you to everyone who made this happen!