Photo Credit: Dan Corcoran Photo: Sunny but cool, the Lion’s Head Market Band entertains the crowd at the weekly Lion’s Head Farmers’ Market (L-R) John Baker, Brian Osborne, Rod Layman, Helen Westover, Chris, and Stuart Burgess.
Submitted by Rod Layman

The Lion’s Head Farmers’ Market had a great 2019, in spite of the weather. A large pool of musicians, most local to the peninsula, showed up in various combinations, serenading the Saturday people with blues, jazz, folk, country, rock and roll, and the occasional pop tune. The whole effort was more organic than organized, with a few regulars doing setup and providing a sort of musical backbone. 

At times we were a bit louder than necessary, especially when a lot of players turned out, but it’s safe to say we added something special, upbeat, and welcoming to this unique market. People listened and smiled, tapped their feet or danced. And they gave generously to our fundraising for community groups, tossing change and bills into the old wooden guitar shell. 

In 2019 we raised over $2,400 and, after polling the regulars in the group, donated $800 each to the Lion’s Head Family Centre, the Food Bank, and the school’s Wednesday salad bar program. We’re looking forward to more fun and fundraising in 2020.