Lion’s Head Firefighters Association Fundraising for Rescue UTV (side by side)

Media Release

The Lion’s Head Firefighters Association would like to take a moment to thank the community for supporting its firefighting and rescue capabilities. Your support has created safer communities by supporting fire prevention, essential rescue items and life saving equipment. We are a volunteer-based organization who are committed to training for structural fire, wildland fire, auto extrication, water rescue, ice water rescue, search & rescue and rope rescue.

In the event of a technical rescue call, the local firefighters have responded with their personal all-terrain vehicles (and golf carts) to assist with moving personnel, transporting equipment and extricating the patient. In some cases, we have struggled to mobilize a personal ATV or suffered breakdowns which can lead to delayed scene time and life-threatening situations.

The gradual increase in outdoor tourism has necessitated the need for our own dedicated unit. We are asking for the public’s assistance to fund raise for a rescue UTV (side by side). This will alleviate the need to commandeer a personal ATV when seconds matter. We can 100% guarantee our response time will be decreased and the complex task of mobilizing the gear, personnel and rescue will be easier.

Members of the Lion’s Head Firefighters Association would be happy to do a presentation to your organization regarding this important endeavour.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or wish to donate, please contact Lou Miedema at (519) 596-1185 or email Zane Davies at