Keep The Bruce Clean & Green: So Many Little Green Bags

A roadside KTBC&G tomato cage garbage container.
Submitted by KTBC&G

Have you noticed the little green garbage bags around Tobermory, mostly on Harpur Street and Big Tub Road? These green bags have been placed at the end of driveways by the residents in the hope that they may be able to entice people to throw their litter away in the bags rather than dropping it on the street or in the ditch.
Initially the bags were placed out for the Tomato Cage Litter Blitz on the summer long weekends as a way to make a statement to all that we as the village of Tobermory value our property and would like to see litter placed in the proper receptacles; not dropped in the ditch. There was such a great response that many of the residents have taken to leaving their bags out permanently throughout the summer as they are collecting quite a bit of garbage in them. This is particularly true around the very popular Lighthouse point area on Big Tub Road where there are no other garbage containers. The residents are collecting the garbage that would otherwise be found on the ground. In many cases they are changing and emptying these little bags 2 to 3 times a day. The bags are provided to us by Parks Canada and are biodegradable and the green colour makes them visible to the folks that are walking along the roads with coffee, ice cream, lunch containers and other disposable items. Better to have the garbage contained in these little bags than seeing it lying along roadsides and in ditches, so thanks to all the residents who are helping to keep our village clean.
The Civic Holiday weekend is approaching and we are once again suggesting that the Tomato Cage Litter Blitz be in place. Just a reminder that the little green bags should be placed so that they are visible to those walking by but not placed in a way that they obstruct the walking area. Also please monitor your bags and empty them in the evenings so that animals do not get into garbage left there. If it rains please be aware that we have found the bags fill quickly with water as the cages keep them open, so it might be helpful to put some pin holes in the bottom for drainage.
If you are out and about town wear your Keep the Bruce Clean & Green t-shirts and hats and help promote our message to those visiting with us.
Please email us at if you have any comments or thoughts and also send along pictures of your upcycling projects.