Women’s Information Network Welcomes Speakers Holly Dunham and Rusty Campigotto

Submitted by Jennifer Dewey/ Lucy Weir

Once Labour Day arrives, something most peculiar happens to me (Jennifer); I fail to note the changes in scheduling that also occur with the change of seasons in Tobermory. It’s some sort of mental block. Every September. You’d think by now I’d get it right. And so, with this stated, I offer my most sincere apologies to Holly Dunham for failing to meet the deadline to submit my report for the September WIN Luncheon which took place on September 19.

Holly, born and raised in Tobermory, entertained us with stories of her own large extended family, as well as those of other families that stretch back to the earliest colonial settlers in the 1800’s, when the “Indian Peninsula” was completely unfit for agricultural purposes and land parcels were sold for timber at $150.00 an acre. 

Holly and her husband Glen enjoyed researching Street Names and Places using maps and charts as well as gleaning much information from local historian Lynn Watson’s chapter 12 in “Flowerpots and Parking Lots – The History of Tobermory and St. Edmunds Township 1984 – 2014”. Tobermory may be just a village, population-wise, but the lore and the place names that have arisen over the decades rival those of any big city. Thank you, Holly, for an informative and truly engaging presentation, complete with vintage charts and maps for our enjoyment.

On October 17, the WIN Luncheon welcomed Rusty Campigotto, Chronic Disease Management and Foot Care Nurse with the Peninsula Family Health Team. In summary, as we age, caloric demands decrease and nutrient needs increase due to decreased absorption. Important calcium, folate and folic acid, B12, Vit. D3, potassium and magnesium contribute to bone health and cell repair. Protein for muscle strength, fibre for gut health, and plenty of fluids (8 cups/day) should be part of a balanced diet. Many of these nutrients are important in reducing or managing disease, eg. Omega 3s may reduce rheumatoid arthritis, macular degeneration, and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Nutrients should be obtained from fresh foods and whole grains when possible. Choose lean meats, eggs, seafood twice a week, 3 servings of dairy daily, ½ oz nuts and seeds daily. Half of your dinner plate should be vegetables. Avoid processed foods and be mindful of portion sizes. For further information, visit: diabetes.ca/1-800-banting for portion guide and further information. Lastly, exercise twice weekly for optimal health as you age.

The next and final WIN Luncheon of the season will take place at the Tobermory Community Centre on Thursday, November 21. Watch for posters and announcements re: the menu and format planned and please be sure to book your spot at: www.suegeoffdawson.wix.com/wintobermory or phone: 519-596-2217 or 519-596-2068 by Sunday, November 17.