Publisher’s Column: More People Space at Little Tub – Less at Singing Sands

Little Tub Harbour benches are mostly full even on a chilly day in May.
By John Francis

A move to improve the head of Little Tub Harbour is afoot. The idea is to remove three parking spaces — the cars don’t enjoy the view at all — and turn the space into “a safe and relaxing place” with benches, picnic tables and planters.
The project is being promoted by “The Downtown Tobermory Team”, a committee of Tobermory Chamber of Commerce. The team says their initiative has broad public support, including enthusiastic support from some of the businesses at the head of the harbour. They have also received some pushback in recent weeks from eight Tobermory businesses.
The tentative plan, as of MNBP’s May 13 meeting, was a one-year pilot project to evaluate the popularity of increased public space. Keep your eyes open this summer; Council will want your observations as to whether the space is used and how it could be improved.
My guess is it will be very popular — the benches along the harbour have had near-zero vacancy rates the last few years. The new benches and picnic tables have not arrived yet but the photo above demonstrates the need — the existing benches were near capacity on a chilly Sunday afternoon in May.

At Singing Sands, the water reaches almost to the backshore dunes, which are cordoned off. It will be hard to find a place to put down a towel.

As mentioned in Daryl Cowell’s article above, Lake Huron/Georgian Bay water levels are very high this year. This means there is a lot less beach. At Singing Sands park on Dorcas Bay, the water is flooding the vegetation along the shore — there is no place to put a towel. The photo was taken in late April; I think the water is up a few inches since then.