February WIN Luncheon: “Tai Chi for Life” Presented by David Gierak

Win Luncheon Crowd
Submitted by Sue Dawson

At the February Women’s Information Network Luncheon, more than 50 members enjoyed a delicious lunch catered by Green Door Catering and a very interesting presentation by David Gierak.

David started to practice Tai Chi in 1984, at first learning the Taoist style and later switching to the Yang Style attending the Tai Chi Farm in NY state to study with a wide variety of Masters. By 1990 David was teaching in Barrie & Alliston. David and his wife moved to Tobermory in 2003. We are very fortunate to have a Tai Chi Teacher in our community. David holds weekly classes in the Tobermory United Church.

David Tai Chi
WIN’s February presenter, David Gierak, demonstrates a 12 form Tai Chi set for the audience.

David began his presentation by performing a demonstration 12 form set. The full set has 103 forms and should be performed in no less than 20 mins. The foundation of Tai Chi is Meditation, Martial Art & Health. Tai Chi is based on Chinese fighting styles. Tai Chi players work at being centred and calm. Each gesture and form is performed with a martial arts intent. The health benefit associated with Tai Chi is founded on traditional Chinese medicine. The purpose is to energize your body to promote health. After performing Tai Chi the player experiences tingling and warmth in their extremities as the chi flows through their body. 

The practice of Qi Gong is not based on Martial Arts and moves are performed on the breath.

Legend has it that Tai Chi originated when a monk watched a crane and snake fighting. Chen style Tai Chi started 200 years ago in Chen village. Today the Yang style is most widely practiced around the world.

The benefits of Practicing Tai Chi include improved memory in part from remembering 103 moves and sequence, improved balance, muscle strength, and flexibility. 

The next WIN Luncheon will be held on Thursday March 21st at the Tobermory Community Centre. Doors open at 11am and lunch will be served at 11:30am. John Festarini will present ‘Planning for the Future of our Parks’. Advanced reservations are required by Sunday March 17th. For information on upcoming luncheons and to reserve please go to our website: suegeoffdawson.wixsite.com/wintobermory or call 519-596-2068 or 519-596-2217