Lent Brings Generous Donations To Tobermory Food Bank

Photo L-R: Tobermory Food Bank volunteers Catherine Hutchinson and Linda Godhue, Tobermory United Food Drive organizer Heike Domke-Talbot, and Tobermory Food Bank volunteer Bill Hutchinson. Not pictured are Food Bank volunteers Steve and Kim Kreider.
Submitted by Linda Godhue 

The congregation of Tobermory United Church once again met the challenge of putting aside 1 grocery item a day, or a monetary amount, during the Lenten season before Easter. On Easter Sunday, March 31st, the donated grocery items and monies were brought to the Church. A total of 136.8 kg (301.5 lbs) of grocery items and $515.00 were donated. From there Food Bank volunteers transported the donations to the Tobermory Food Bank where they were put away ready for the increased number of clients that are in need of assistance due to Food Insecurity. 

With these very generous donations, the shelves are looking fuller and monies ready to purchase more grocery items to add to the shelves and freezers. 

This endeavour was first brought to the Tobermory United’s congregation in 2023 by one of its members Heike Domke-Talbot. This year Heike organized it once again. Another example of the wonderful community support the Tobermory Food Bank receives. Community support that enabled us to distribute 32 Easter Hampers to those needing assistance in having an Easter meal.

As awareness of Food Insecurity grows, people are seeking out more information as to how communities can support efforts to address this very serious situation. We know that the number of those facing Food Insecurity is rising, affecting many that it did not before.

The Tobermory Food Bank is always seeking ways to put out the information about what their clients are facing and what the community is doing to meet their needs. In an increased effort to keep the community informed a web-site has been developed as well as an Instagram account. You can access our website at www.TobermoryFoodBank.ca and our Instagram is Instagram@TobermoryFoodBank 

On the website you will also find suggestions of items for donation as well as other ways to help. 

All donations are welcome, but some items are ones that are often in short supply, such as pasta sauce, peanut butter, canned tuna and chicken and canned fruit and vegetables. More suggestions are on the website.

If you have any questions about the Tobermory Food Bank, are in need of assistance, or know of someone in need, please call Linda at 519-596-2333 or Jim at 519-375-7010 or Jennifer at 519-596-2188. All is held in confidence. We are here to help.