Rotary Club of Northern Bruce Peninsula Big Hall Clean-Up

Submitted by Jim Dilamarter

Many of our Rotarians were present at the Rotary Hall on August 3 for our ‘big clean-up’. It started at 1 and there were several Rotarians who were there until after our meeting that evening. It took the better part of five hours of cleaning, but things are looking much better. 

After sitting idle for so long when we were not allowed to enter, it needed a lot of ‘tender, loving care’.

We thank the two young workers the Municipality sent over who took charge of cleaning the washrooms. There will be more to do but we were happy to have it ready as the ‘rain’ location for the ‘Friends of the Library’ book sale on August 7th. 

There is still work to be done but it is on its way back to looking like it did prior to Covid. We thank all Rotarians who helped. That evening we met in the Hall for the first time in many months and it felt good.

Rotary Starts ‘In Person’ Meetings Again

On Tuesday, August 3rd, after cleaning the Hall, the Rotary Club of Northern Bruce Peninsula met in the upstairs of the Hall. We followed Covid protocol and were well spaced out. It felt so good to be back together. We continued to provide ‘Zoom’ availability to those who still felt uncomfortable, but most were there in person. 

Rotarians hold their meeting in-person on Tuesday, August 3rd after cleaning the Hall. COVID safety protocols were followed and the optional Zoom meeting was provided for those members more comfortable at home.

There was much to discuss and some of our discussion is listed in the next sections of this article.

Pancake Breakfasts

There was a lot of discussion about just when we felt comfortable starting our Pancake Breakfasts again. 

We had thought that we might be able to begin on Labour Day weekend but, it was decided, because we want to be sure everyone is safe and because the possibility of a fourth wave of Covid is still there, that we could not. We want to be sure that we can keep everyone safe. Safety is our priority. Therefore, there will be no Pancake Breakfast over the Labour Day weekend. 

Nevertheless, it is our hope that, around Thanksgiving time we may be able to get people together safely again and host a dinner or a breakfast. So keep watching our Facebook Page and this Newspaper for any announcement. 

We are anxious to see you all again and get back to work serving the community while having fun at the same time.

Christmas Ornament Sale

We are pleased to announce that we will soon have available ‘LIGHT HOUSE’ Christmas ornaments. They will be bigger and better than last year’s ornaments and we are excited to be able to announce this project. We have been able to continue our many community projects throughout this pandemic but are anxious to be able to raise some needed funds to continue serving our community in the months and years to come. 

We shall have pictures and details available in the weeks ahead. We hope to be able to sell these ornaments by late October.

Tulip Sale

We are sold out of Tulips and thank everyone who placed an order. This project raised money for Polio Plus and is International in scope. We were pleased with the community’s response. 

Hopefully, it is something Rotary International will continue in the years ahead.

Tent (Canopy) Rentals

Another fund-raising project that Rotary continues to offer to the community and, perhaps, many do not know about is our Tent and table rentals. Rotary owns two tents (really, they are more like canopies measuring 20 by 40 feet). These are suitable for small weddings, parties, memorial services, etc. 

We set the tent up and take it down. We do not go out of the Northern Bruce Peninsula unless it is only a short way. Our tents are booked already for several fall events. 

Thank You to Our Community

This community is full of heroes and heroines. We see this in ordinary times, but they have been especially evident during our year and a half living with Covid-19.

These have included nurses, doctors, nursing home and senior resident staff and volunteers, police, ambulance drivers and paramedics, shop keepers and their staff, restaurant owners, and individual citizens who have stepped up to make life better for so many. 

We try to thank them when we can but, Rotary encourages each of us, you, and I, to say ‘thank you’ in person to someone who has put themselves in danger to help us all. Do that this month. It will make you and them feel good.