Lion’s Head Shuttle Back in Service for the Summer of 2023

Photo: Passengers disembarking the Lion’s Head Shuttle bus at McCurdy Parking Lot.
By Joanne Rodgers, Bruce Peninsula Press

The Lion’s Head Shuttle started operation for the 2023 season on June 30, 2023 and will run every weekend until September 4. This free shuttle service will operate between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The shuttle has capacity for 20 persons.

For the second year, the shuttle service is being operated by the Golden Dawn Senior Citizen Home.

Anyone paying for parking or any resident wishing to navigate the busy Lion’s Head Village on weekends can hop on and off the shuttle. There are designated stops such as the Arena, the McCurdy Parking lot, The Beach Pavilion/Farmers’ Market, the Marina. However there are on-demand stops for any passengers wishing to disembark or board the shuttle along the route.

Photo: Shortly after noon on Canada Day, over 50 visitors were awaiting the shuttle bus at the Arena in Lion’s Head.

On Canada Day, over 200 cars were turned away from the McCurdy Parking Lot for not having reservations. The visitors were directed to park at the Arena or in the Village in designated parking spots, and advised that they could take the shuttle back to the McCurdy Lot.

By 12:35 p.m., there were over 50 persons visiting from the metropolitan areas waiting for the Shuttle to transport them to the start of the Trail to the Lion’s Head Lookout.

Many of the visitors say they heard about the Lookout from friends who had previously visited the Lookout. Many of the disembarking passengers who had already returned from the Lookout, say it was well worth the visit.

The number one question, the Shuttle Bus driver says that the visitors ask is about the rules for parking at the Arena.