Letter: Let’s Look at The Friendship Club and the Services They Provide


I am writing in response to a comment made by Councillor Myles. Her comment was published in the Bruce Peninsula Press. I quote: 

Councillor Myles expressed concern that building a dedicated space for an individual group “is a dangerous precedent to set.”

Let’s look at the name ‘Friendship Club’ and the services that they provide. We provide a space where residents can hold meetings such as AA, boot camp and advanced line dancing to mention a few.

Because our kitchen is certified, we rent the Friendship Club for people to hold family parties and celebrations. Our club is fully equipped because of the fundraising that we have done over the years. Any money the club will make in the new building would be turned over to the Municipality.

In closing, I would appreciate if Councillor Myles would educate herself into the functions of the club.

In regards,

Ricki Germann, Vice President

Friendship Club