Bruce Peninsula District School Lowers Flag to Half Mast in Honour of Alex Spurgeon

Alex and his brother Carson participate in a community event, building snowpeople at Golden Dawn, Hayes Apartments and the Lion’s Head Hospital on 28 December 2020. (reprinted from the Bruce Peninsula Press, Issue 1, Jan 2021).
By Joanne Rodgers,
Bruce Peninsula Press

Bruce Peninsula District School’s (BPDS) flag was at half mast on 18 and 19 August to honour Alexander Keith Spurgeon. BPDS Facebook page states “The BPDS family is saddened by the loss of an incredibly resilient and wonderful young man.” 

11 year old Alex passed away on August 9, 2021. A student at BPDS, he would have been entering Grade 6 this fall. 

Flag at half mast in honour of Alex Spurgeon.