A visitor from France uses the on-site Scan and Pay sign at the McCurdy lot to book their parking spot. They learned about the Lion’s Head Lookout on an Ontario travel blog. The SCAN or TAP signs used to book parking spots online were printed locally at the Tobermory Press.
By Joanne Rodgers,
Bruce Peninsula Press

On 19 August, the Municipality pilot project for online bookings at the McCurdy Parking lot launched. The Lion’s Head Lookout remains a popular destination for visitors, with the parking lot usually full by mid-morning.

Reservations Required

All residents and visitors wishing to park at McCurdy are required to reserve their parking spot online at www.lionsheadparking.ca. There is a $20 fee to reserve a parking spot and each reservation is for a maximum of 4 hours.

Persons with a valid MNBP resident parking pass assigned to their vehicle will be allowed 4 hour free parking. Residents are required to select: “Municipality Resident” under the “Visitor Type” drop down list on the online booking form.

Lines were drawn on the ground to better identify the designated parking spots.

Scan and Tap signage installed

On the first weekend that the reserved parking was implemented, visitors frequently used the on-site Scan or Tap signs to access the website to check availability and to reserve their parking spot.

Shuttle service offered

If there are no available parking spots for booking online, it means the lot is full and people are advised to use the shuttle service provided by the Lion’s Head Transit Authority. The Transit Authority says they have seen a greater number of walk-ons, maybe in part to the heat, more awareness of the shuttle service, and the reserved parking requirements at the McCurdy lot.