Davis Family Donates to Big Tub Lighthouse Repairs

Submitted by The Davis Family

The Davis Family has a long history in Tobermory and the former St Edmunds Township. Abraham Davis was the first settler to take ownership of land in the community, settling on the property where the golf course is located. Abraham Davis was appointed as the first official Big Tub Lighthouse keeper on completion of construction in 1885. On his death in 1895, his son Henry became the second lighthouse keeper and he held this position until 1901.

The Davis family is proud of our place in Tobermory’s history and have joined together to make a combined donation of $2,150.00 towards the cost of the current renovations. Donors from fourth, fifth and sixth generation family members include Iola Stabenow, Janet Alderton, Jack Morris, Jill Raney, Teri Morris, Michael Morris, Rob Davis, Katie Davis, Emily Davis, Ben Davis, Matt Davis, Ray Davis, Nolan Davis, Lynda Davis and respective spouses/partners.