Submitted by April Patry,
Executive Director

Our Foundation team is excited to share our refreshed brand with you! Bruce Peninsula Health Services Foundation has officially changed its name to Bruce Peninsula Hospitals Foundation and with the name change comes our new logo. It is our hope that this new look and minor name change will better communicate the Foundation’s function and who we serve. We think this does the trick, and hope you like it too.

What hasn’t changed is our organization’s drive to fulfil our mission “to assist in meeting the health care needs of the people of the Bruce Peninsula area by raising funds for priority hospital projects to keep our hospitals current.” 

Local residents and visitors to the peninsula deserve the best possible care at Wiarton and Lion’s Head hospitals, both of which offer a wide range of primary and ambulatory care services and 24/7 Emergency Departments. 

Additionally, a full range of specialty services, including complex surgeries, total joint replacements, cancer surgeries, MRI and CT diagnostic services are available to us at our regional hospital in Owen Sound. That being said, the work that we do at Bruce Peninsula Hospitals Foundation is absolutely critical as keeping up with advancements in medical technology and maintaining our aging facilities is expensive business. With no government funding available for hospital capital, local philanthropic support plays the lead role in the quality of care we have come to expect here, close to home. 

Last spring, our community quickly and generously answered our call for Covid-19 Relief funds, raising $40,000 for unexpected costs related to the pandemic. Those funds provided PPE, plexi-glass partitions, setting up the Covid-19 testing site in Lion’s Head, ipads for patients to visit with loved ones via facetime, and the purchase of a second lab chair so the Wiarton Hospital lab could conduct more blood tests and lessen the risk of a congested waiting room. Additionally, in the last 12 months our donors have provided the funding required to purchase 5 defibrillators and 2 transport monitors at a cost of $138,500, and $353,000 towards two new x-ray machines for Bruce Peninsula Hospitals, $25,000 for mental health care, and final pledges finished off our $450,000 commitment to funding the Bruce Peninsula’s share of the new MRI, now operating at the Owen Sound Regional Hospital. These are just the highlights of what our Bruce Peninsula Hospitals Foundation’s donors have recently provided.

Current needs for Bruce Peninsula Hospitals include a lab renovation, replacement of exterior doors, and 2 Electrocardiogram machines at the Lion’s Head Hospital. The Wiarton Hospital requires a cautery machine for the OR, a nursing station renovation in the emergency department, and 3 ECG’s. Additionally, both Wiarton and Lion’s Head Hospitals need new X-ray machines ($510,000 each). As always, our work is cut out for us again this year, but we aren’t daunted because our donors have demonstrated time and again what the heart and generosity of rural communities can achieve.