New Shuttle Bus Service Planned for Lion’s Head


Lion’s Head Transit Authority to Offer Public Transportation to Residents and Visitors

By Jasmine Brough,
Bruce Peninsula Press

A brand new way for locals and tourists to get around may be coming to Lion’s Head this summer. The Lion’s Head Transit Authority will potentially be running a shuttle bus service taking passengers to various stops in and around the village of Lion’s Head. 

Tim Matheson came up with this idea when he realized how many problems this could ease for the whole community. The number of tourists Lion’s Head attracts in the summer months seems to grow exponentially every year. This only further overwhelms the parking lots and streets with traffic. Not to mention, there are very few means for elderly or disabled people to get around Lion’s Head without their own vehicle.

 The shuttle bus aims to promote public transportation while reducing pedestrian and vehicular traffic in the village. This will be accomplished by picking up walk-on passengers as well as parking lot clients. 

The Lion’s Head Transit Authority will be working with the Municipality. “It’s a private initiative that is in conjunction with operating our own business model. This may provide important data going forward for the municipality when considering the issue of public parking and transit,” Tim explains. 

 Those who are paying for parking in a parking lot will be able to ride the shuttle at no additional charge. For any other walk-on passengers, getting a ride from one location to another in the village will only cost a couple of dollars. Riding the shuttle will be free for residents of any senior facilities and will make regular stops near those locations. The bus service intends to provide sustainable means for people to enjoy the area safely, with a minimal environmental impact. 

The bus route will take passengers through and around Lion’s Head, stopping at multiple places of interest, promoting local businesses. “The stops will be marked with a blue Lion’s Head Transit Sign with a lion head logo”, says Matheson. Some of these locations may include local shops, the Bruce Trail, the Marina and senior residence, however, those stops are not yet set in stone. 

Lion’s Head Transit Authority Shuttle Bus concept design.

A welcoming and Informative Presence

The interior of the shuttle is similar to a classic style city bus, seating 22 passengers with additional handholds for standing. There are screens inside the bus for the sake of educating passengers. “We’re going to use the bus as a mobile classroom so that visitors feel like they’ve got a welcoming and informative presence when they pull their car in the parking lot.” Matheson explains. 

Tim Matheson and his team plan on having friendly greeters working in parking lots to answer questions and educate tourists. Greeters will be able to help visitors with directions, how they can leave a small environmental footprint, and a number they can call if they have questions. “Just a little bit of information should go a long way to make the problems that have existed with overuse mitigated a little bit.” says Tim. 

The Lion’s Head Transit Authority shuttle bus will run 7 days a week, from morning till night. Ideally, Tim would like to get this service running in Lion’s Head as soon as possible when lockdown restrictions allow in Ontario. More specific details and information about the Lion’s Head Transit Authority shuttle bus will become available soon.