Life Around Tobermory United…From The Desk Of The Lazy Theologian – Chicken Barbecue; The Second Chapter!

Submitted by Brad Inglis

Chicken Barbecue – the second chapter! That’s right, the brave chicken barbecue planners have agreed to do a fall barbecue, especially for locals on Friday October 16th 4:30 to 6 pm. This will again be a drive-through from the church with tickets purchased in advance. 

For those who paid for a meal in August but didn’t get one, or a refund, please let us know so that we can stand good for that and provide you with a replacement meal. Email or call us so we can have it ready for you! I take full responsibility for running out of chicken in August and as a result this time we have two very competent folks managing the tickets and sales – my new job is just plucking the chickens and that is as close as I get to being involved. Soooo…..we will have enough chicken this time and really appreciate your patience and support as we find new ways to fundraise in these changing times. 

Annual St. Nicolas Bazaar in November

Speaking of fundraising – we will be hosting a new and creative way of continuing our annual St. Nicolas Bazaar in November. There will be an online St. Nicholas Market where once again you can buy unique gifts from Twisted Roots who repurpose vintage items, creating wall art, unique bird houses and feeders and other things you can’t live without. There will also be a virtual bake table and pie sale all of which you can pre-order and my not so famous parsonage shortbread will be available. You can even pre-order a parsonage carrot cake! Watch for more details coming soon. 

Thrift Shop Closed For Season

The Thrift Shop is closed for another year after a very successful launch of doing things in new ways. We can’t thank our management team, volunteers, shoppers and donors enough for all of your support. It is one more reminder of how resilient we are as a community in making things work in new and creative way.

Church Re-Opening Oct 11th

Church is scheduled to re-open Sunday October 11th at 10:30am, Thanksgiving weekend. This is providing that ministry guidelines haven’t changed and that we can do so in a safe manner. Weather permitting, this will be an outdoor service of celebration and thanks for this place where we live, family and friends and yes, even the gifts that we have discovered since covid began. 

That’s a hint, start thinking about the gifts you have experienced since the beginning of covid. It’s easy to focus on how we have been inconvenienced, folks we haven’t been able to see, the hugs we are missing. But what are the positives you have recognized? What has surprised you and where have you found delight that you never expected it? 

In church-land we talk about how do we feed the hungry and how do we quench our thirst in those dry times when we feel the need for something more, something life sustaining, something that will give us what we need to move forward. What do you need in these dry times of your life when everything feels crazy? What will quench your thirst and help you move ahead, even in these uncertain times? Staying positive, finding creative ways of connecting with the outside world, that are both safe and soul filling – these are important questions and tasks for us, because we might miss our traditional Thanksgiving festivities and yes (said in a whisper) Christmas might look differently this year. Talking about it is important, being open minded is critical and remembering that we are all in this together, will be key in how we proceed. 

So keep reaching out, stay connected, call me if you have to – but don’t shut yourself down. 

Brad Inglis is the minister at Tobermory United Church. He can be reached at

519-596-2821 (Home)