Crowding at the end of Big Tub Road (access for the public shoreline at Big Tub lighthouse) has been building for years. Things probably get quite a bit worse when parking at the Grotto, Little Cove, Singing Sands and Moore Street are full. Vehicles on the right are parked in clearly marked NO PARKING zone, partially blocking driveways.
Crowding at the national park shoreline at Little Cove has been building for years. With the Grotto booked weeks in advance and most other parking lots full, it gets the overflow. A hundred people can be comfortable at Little Cove, but crowds of up to a thousand have happened every weekend in 2020. MNBP and Parks Canada are working together to reduce access to Little Cove. Roadside parking is banned and once the parking lot fills up, traffic is turned away at the intersection 1km NE of Hwy 6.
After years of complaints by residents, MNBP Council voted on July 27 to ban public parking in the problem areas of Moore Street in Lion’s Head.
The shoreline at Big Tub lighthouse has been overrun every weekend in 2020.