Media Release

Public Health on May 16, 2020 declared the outbreak over at Golden Dawn. As directed by Public Health, we have returned to our pre- outbreak infection prevention and control measures. These measures include twice daily screening of all staff, residents and essential visitors, proper use of PPE and immediate testing of anyone who is symptomatic. 

As with any infection strict infection prevention and control measures must be followed. The following is a summary of recent events

1. On May 5, 2020- As directed by Public Health, universal testing of residents and staff was conducted – 104 swabs in total

2. On May 9, 2020- Results- one positive swab was identified from one non-symptomatic resident. This single result triggered the COVID “outbreak” designation. Additional measures were implemented to attempt to stop the spread and additional testing of the positive resident was preformed

3. On May 16, 2020- Two subsequent swabs from the previously identified resident were reported as negative. Public Health declared the outbreak over.

4. On May 20, 2020- Received notification that determined the one positive result was a false positive, as stated above infection prevention and control measures remain in place. 

 The Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Arra, stated “Congratulations to the Golden Dawn staff and the Grey Bruce Health Unit on the optimal case-management and outbreak-management that ensured full control of the outbreak. Full mark from me; job well done!”

Our risk is strongly influenced by your actions we need to remain vigilant to protect each other and proceed with caution as Ontario “reopens”