Construction for Tobermory Foodland Highway 6 Improvements Begin

Construction Notice

Expected Construction Start Date: May 25, 2020. Expected Completion Date: June 26, 2020.

Construction Details

Construction is expected to take place from May 2020 to June 2020.

The construction of a new left turn lane on North bound Highway 6 to serve a new commercial entrance for the new Tobermory Foodland location at 7357 Highway 6.

The project will involve but is not limited to widening of Highway 6 from approximately 7334 Hwy 6 to approximately Chi sin tib dek Road, installation of new culverts at 7356 & 7362 Hwy 6, new commercial entrance at 7357 Hwy 6, and required site restorations. This project will also involve hot mix paving and line marking. The projects primary focus is on the widening of Highway 6 to provide the new North Bound Left Turn Lane.

Generally, work will take place between 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday to Friday with possible work on Saturdays between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm until the construction is completed. Work will not take place during statutory or other major holiday observances unless an emergency occurs and crews are required to be on-site. You will be notified ahead of time of any weekend or holiday work but it is strongly anticipated that there will be no weekend work.


As with all construction projects, there will be some temporary inconveniences to the local community.

Traffic flow on Highway 6 will be limited to one lane from approximately Dunks Bay Road to Chi Sin Tib Dek Road during construction hours with flagging operation through the work zone.

Besides minor traffic delays we do not expect any major disruptions. These traffic restrictions will be necessary and for periods during construction will be required. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Pedestrian and Vehicle Access

At certain times during the work, vehicle traffic may be disrupted. Signs will be posted to advise of lane closures and Traffic Control Persons will be on site to safely direct traffic through the work zone.

Access to driveways may be restricted at times to allow for construction. Residents will be advised by on-site personnel.

Emergency (police, fire and medical response) access will be maintained at all times, with priority and guidance through the work zone given by traffic control personnel.

Recycling and garbage collection will not be affected. Please follow your normal routine.

The contractor will further notify you of any temporary disruptions. Every effort will be made to reduce any inconvenience to the local community.

Thank you in advance for your patience, cooperation and time.