Tremendous Community Support for Lion’s Head & District Food Bank

The United Way of Bruce Grey donated a cases of toilet paper to the Lion’s Head & District Food Bank. L-R: Practising social distancing are Darlene Myles from the Lion’s Head Food Bank receiving the cases from John McLachlan from Habitat for Humanity who delivered the goods.
Submitted by Darlene Myles

Monetary donations have been coming to the Food Bank on a regular basis since the COVID-19 pandemic. Two separate $500.00 donations were received … one from Summer House Park and one from The Peninsula Family Health Team. Many individual families have donated generously as their financial situation allows. Donations of money are the best type of donation at this time, as food items are handled less and therefore, reduces the risk of spreading the virus. 

A new facebook page has been created for the food bank, thanks to my daughters Ashley and Abby (my skills are not that advanced!) I try to check it regularly but if you have sent a request and you do not hear from me … please send an email to or text/call 519-378-8842. I am still learning to navigate the facebook page 🙂 Electronic transfers of money can be sent to the above email address through your internet banking. 

I have had people say to me that they don’t want to ask for food because there are others in greater need. If you are without work and struggling to put healthy food on the table, do not hesitate to contact the Food Bank for a hamper. These are difficult times and you need proper nutrition to maintain your health. The Food Bank is set up to assist families in times of difficulty.

Toilet Paper for Food Banks

The United Way of Bruce Grey donated 2 cases of toilet paper to the Lion’s Head & District Food Bank as well as the Tobermory Food Bank. 

John McLachlan (right in both photos) of Habitat for Humanity volunteered their truck and time to deliver the toilet paper to the Peninsula.

As many of you know, toilet paper has been a very scarce commodity. This donation is greatly appreciated.

L-R: Practising social distancing are Debbie Mosiuk from the Tobermory Food Bank and
John McLachlan of Habitat for Humanity.