2020 Sources of Knowledge Forum Moves Between Classroom, Courtroom, To the High Seas

Submitted by Hazel Smith

Registration is now open for Sources of Knowledge Forum 2020: The Climate is Changing. Will We? The Forum will take place at the Parks Canada Visitor Centre over the weekend of April 24-26th. Over ten speakers and panelists will present research about climate and current activities to effect planet-saving change. 

One such vibrant voice is that of Kristen Hargis, a PhD candidate at the School of Environment and Sustainability at the University of Saskatchewan who is researching what ‘good’ climate change education and communication looks like. Her master’s research exploring how sustainable consumption is taught brought her to the Bruce Peninsula District School, a school identified as one of the most advanced in the country in terms of how climate learning is incorporated across the curriculum. 

Her participatory session at the Sources of Knowledge 2020 Forum will present some basic scientific facts to illustrate how scientists know humans are causing climate change and consider whether knowing the facts about climate change is enough. Attendees will be invited to participate in an interactive poll to share ideas about what matters for climate change belief and action before examining what the research tells us. 

Moving from the classroom to the viewpoint through the binoculars of a sea captain and arctic ice pilot, those who attend the Saturday evening dinner and keynote address will spend the evening in the company of Captain Mark Taylor. 

The Arctic is one of the key areas of the planet that has shown climate changes earlier than other parts of the world and as these changes occur the impact is far-reaching. Captain Taylor’s presentation will feature many rapid fire pictures intended to prompt a new awareness of Coast Guard, commercial activities and the Arctic environment with questions welcome.

Former Captain of the CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier, an 83 metres 8000 hp Arctic class 2 icebreaker out of Victoria, BC, Taylor spent summers in the Canadian Arctic supporting shipping, science, Aids to Navigation and sovereignty programs and winters in the North Pacific BC waters performing Aids to Navigation, Search and Rescue, other government department programs.

Retired from the Coast Guard since 2000 he has been performing Ice Pilot duties in the high Arctic until the present. He provides on board ice navigation expertise to a wide variety of Canadian and International clients from Cruise ships to Scientific research vessels, to commercial ore carriers as well as back with the Canadian Coast Guard. 

Other speakers will include Fraser Thomson, a lawyer working with Ecojustice, Canada’s largest environmental law charity. He will discuss the field of environmental law with a specific focus on Ecojustice’s case with Ontario youth: Mathur et. al. v. Her Majesty in Right of Ontario.

Back by popular demand is our own community weatherman, Bill Caulfeild-Browne, who at his own weather station has been quantifying climate change in Tobermory, measuring temperatures and precipitation from 1996-2020 present. He will compare his data with statistics from the period 1914-1983. The presentation will also examine the relationship between lake levels and precipitation in this area.

Cost to attend the full forum weekend is $80 if registered by April 1st and $90 after (while space remains). There is also a dinner and keynote only option at $35. 

For more information about Sources of Knowledge, the 2020 Forum and to register visit www.sourcesofknowledge.ca/forum-registration/