Municipality Of Northern Bruce Peninsula Special Council Meeting Minutes March 9, 2020 – 2020 Budget Draft #1


MEMBERS PRESENT: Mayor Milt Mclver, Deputy Mayor Debbie Myles, Councillor Laurie (Smokey) Golden, Councillor James Mielhausen, Councillor Megan Myles

STAFF PRESENT: Deputy Clerk, Cathy Addison, Tessa Swanton, Administrative Assistant, Teresa Shearer, Treasurer, Ryan Deska, Manager of Community Services, Marshall Tigert, Facilities Supervisor, Wilf Barnes, Fire Chief, Troy Cameron, Public Works Manager, Carol Hopkins, By-law Enforcement Officer



Mayor Mclver called the meeting to order at 9:02 a.m. and Council members were reminded to disclose any pecuniary interest and the general nature thereof that may arise during the course of the meeting.


Moved by M. Myles Resolution #10-01-2020 Seconded by J. Mielhausen

THAT the content of the agenda be approved as presented.


There are no Minutes to adopt for Special Council Meeting No. 20-10, March 9, 2020.


There is no Public Meeting for Special Council Meeting No. 20-10, March 9, 2020.


There is no Delegation for Special Council Meeting No. 20-10, March 9, 2020.


1. Treasury Department Report No. TR 20-07 RE: 2020 Budget — Draft #1

Mayor Mclver opened discussion with regards to Draft #1 of the 2020 Budget.

Discussion was noted as follows:

2020 Arena:

There are two (2) full-time employees employed at the Arena and during the summer months they are tasked with general Parks and Recreation duties

A high 2019 expenditure was associated with equipment maintenance which is the result of repairs to the mechanical room and updating equipment to comply with changing TSSA regulations

$20,000 is budgeted to be transferred to reserves for the proposed Arena project, however the Municipality has yet to be notified if funding was approved

Arena funding may never be approved; therefore, it may be of Council’s best interest to transfer more funds to the Arena project reserve or a general infrastructure reserve

Mayor Mclver requested that Mrs. Shearer, Treasurer, provide a 20-year amortization repayment schedule of 4-5 million dollars

Mr. Deska was instructed to continue moving forward with the Arena project by speaking to user groups, formulating a concept/plan and researching grant options

2020 Libraries:

Determine if the Lion’s Head Library would like more space, such as relocating to an area in the proposed renovated Arena

Determine if the Lion’s Head Library would be paying a higher rent fee as rent is calculated based on square footage and continue discussion with Bruce County

Mr. Deska indicated that he spoke with Friends of the Lion’s Head Library and they are interested in moving to a new space

2020 Ferndale Information Centre:

Mr. Deska is under the impression that the Bruce Peninsula Tourism Association (BPTA) is looking to wrap up operations

Mr. Deska is planning to attend the upcoming Tobermory Chamber of Commerce Meeting and will ask the Chamber if they have an interest in operating the Ferndale Information Centre for the 2020 season

BPTA did some cleaning while operating the centre, but there was still a cleaning contract for a more comprehensive clean

There was an audio-visual system installed in the meeting room which is not currently being utilized

The boiler system is being replaced in 2020

2020 Museum:

Administrative Costs indicate wages for the Museum Attendant

Wages & Benefits represent wages for other Municipal employees working at the site

There are many volunteers that also act as staff at the Museum and assume shifts

The state of the building will be determined in the Asset Management Plan

Most repairs/upgrades requested by the Museum Committee are included in the budget, such as soffit and fascia

Some repairs were done by Municipal staff, such as window repairs and masonry touch ups

2020 Rotary Hall:

Mr. Deska met with a member of the Rotary Club and was notified that there are some upgrades they would like to see completed at the Rotary Hall, such as fixing the drafty door and insulating the ceiling and walls

Heating costs are increasing at the Rotary Hall as groups are using the facility more frequently, therefore better insulating the walls and ceiling may save costs in the long term

The Rotary Club would like to see accessible washrooms constructed at the facility

Some funds have been set aside for the Rotary Hall project that did not proceed in 2018 and the funds could be used for a smaller project (accessible washrooms)

The Rotary Club may be interested in a storage area as they removed the previous storage area when the 2018 project was proposed

2020 Accessibility:

Funds are budgeted for audio-visual upgrades to the council chamber

The front door at the Lion’s Head Fire Station needs upgrades to be accessible

The RFP is drafted for the audio-visual upgrades and Mr. Deska is to conduct further research and correspond with other municipalities regarding their current council chamber arrangement

2020 Community Development:

Phragmites spraying seemed successful in 2019 and spraying is the preferred method to eliminate phragmites and cutting when located in water

$30,000 is budgeted for the Lion’s Head Waterfront Study and Mr. Deska to move forward with this project once the Budget is approved

The Short Term Accommodation (STA) Study may take more time/funds than anticipated

Maintain the budget for Bruce Peninsula Tourism until operation of the Ferndale Information Centre is determined

Mr. Deska volunteered to work with Mrs. Elliott on an affordable/attainable housing project and report back to Council with any ideas

2020 Spruce the Bruce:

The Tobermory Chamber of Commerce could act as the committee for Spruce the Bruce as it is a challenge getting projects in Tobermory

2020 Streetscaping:

Over $30,000 is budgeted for a retaining wall between the Sweet Shop and Tobermory Library as the current cement block is deteriorating

Main Street reserve funding may be able to be used for the retaining wall, however the funding must be used before March 31, 2020 and any unused funds have to be returned

Mr. Deska was asked to contact the Minister and request that the deadline to use the funding be extended so the Municipality can complete the project

2020 Agriculture Reforestation:

The Bruce Peninsula and District Veterinary Association has some representatives from Northern Bruce on the committee and this expenditure offsets mileage for veterinarians in the area

Drainage expenses have increased and drains should be cleaned on a cycle basis

Requests to clean drains are reviewed by the Drainage Superintendent to ensure the request is warranted

Meetings could occur annually with farmers and the Biosphere Association regarding drainage issues

Find ways to support agritourism

Leo-Paul Frigault was welcomed to the meeting from the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA). He presented information relating to the Tobermory Water System project and the following was noted:

Determine if the lagoon has the capacity to accommodate future development like Happy Hearts Campground

Determine the current condition of facilities, specifically the collection system

Discuss year-round operation of the Little Tub Water Plant and expanding service from Little Tub to supply other facilities

Reference the Official Plan and other applicable planning documents and estimate how much growth is expected in Tobermory in the future Conduct Condition Assessments

Complete Waste Water Servicing Strategy

Evaluate options, determine a preferred strategy and if an Environmental Assessment (EA) is required

In order to convert the Little Tub Harbour plant to a Reg. 170 plant, an EA would be required The Municipality is in the process of creating an Asset Management Plan with OCWA and GM Blue Plan The Condition Assessment and Sen/icing Strategy should be completed prior to the Asset Management Plan

The Condition Assessment will help determine the age and condition of an asset, if that information is unknown, which will help provide more accurate information that can be built into the Asset Management Plan

The Condition Assessment will address the capacity of the system and indicate if the system can handle any additional development

A Condition Assessment may cost approximately $60,000 and a Master Servicing Plan is estimated to cost between $30,000-$60,000 A Schedule C Environmental Assessment (EA) is likely to be required for the Little Tub Water Plant at the cost of $100,000

OCWA can provide the above noted services, however OCWA may seek a partner to assist with the development of a Master Servicing Plan An EA would look at the “whole picture” of the project and is a requirement as the Little Tub Water Plant would be transitioning from the existing Reg. 319 (small drinking water system) to a Reg. 170

A Master Servicing Plan would indicate if the system can handle new development and would provide valuable information relating to growth potential Receive public input relating to the substantial upgrade of the Little Tub Water Plant and consult with the First Nations community

A Council decision needs to be made in regards to the extent of the scope of the project, specifically whether the upgraded plant is servicing mostly Municipal hookups only

Council/staff were encouraged to review the study that was completed in 2012 relating to this topic An EA is required that includes public consultation regardless if Council decides to move forward with a more modest approach to the project, however the cost may be lesser for a more modest project

Councillor Myles indicated that she is not interested in any short-term solutions The Bradley Davis Senior Apartments existing water system is functioning without issue and the facility is interested in hooking up to a Municipal water system

Mr. Cameron requested that Council include funds in the budget for a Condition Assessment for the Tobermory sewer as the assessment would provide valuable information

Mayor Mclver recommended that Council determine the direction of the project prior to Messrs. Cameron and Frigault drafting a report Mr. Cameron requested permission to allocated funds in the Budget for a Condition Assessment and Mr. Frigault can work on a Master Plan for sanitary sewage

Mayor Mclver thanked Mr. Frigault for his information. There was a break in the meeting at 10:56 a.m. The meeting reconvened at 11:03 a.m.

2020 Capital Projects:

Mr. Cameron, Public Works Manager, prepared a Backlog of Construction Needs list based on the Public Works Department’s opinion and distributed to Council

Mr. Cameron advised that he took many factors into consideration when preparing the list, including but not limited to, road surface, grading frequency, distances to work yard, traffic volumes, estimated traffic counts, infrastructure fronting on roads and cost to complete road repairs

The Public Works Manager informed that the list does differ from the current (outdated) backlog list as some roads are higher priority, some lower priority and some have already seen repairs

Mr. Cameron distributed a Sidewalks 2020 document depicting what sidewalks need to be constructed or are in need of repair including a sidewalk from Bruce Peninsula District School (BPDS) to the Lion’s Head Medical Clinic

The Public Works Manager indicated that staff believe that the East Road and Sutter Road are a priority for 2020

Mr. Cameron further listed priority roads as follows: Tammy’s Cove Road, Hardwick Cove Road, North Shore Road, South Shore Road, Scenic Caves Road, Cape Chin North Shore Road, Donald Road, Mclvor Drive and Woodstock Avenue

Mr. Cameron clarified that the Backlog of Construction Needs list is based on staff’s opinion and is not necessarily organized in order of importance

He further noted that a public meeting regarding Tammy’s Cove Road should take place this summer and Sutter Road can be rough and dusty

Mr. Cameron suggested that Sutter Road be prepared for hard surface

He clarified that a sidewalk is suggested from Highway 6 to the Legion on Hay Bay Road

Mayor Mclver recommended that staff concentrate on sidewalks and spending be increased in that area as they are important to the community

Sidewalk costs can be expensive and not many contractors will take on sidewalk projects

The proposed sidewalk from BPDS to the Lion’s Head Medical Clinic may require engineering

The Public Works Manager recommended a future gravel sidewalk for Big Tub Road

Sidewalks are an important aspect of age-friendly communities for children and the elderly

The Asset Management Plan is currently on hold as facilities need to be reviewed by the consultant

Mrs. Shearer advised that the Municipality was recently notified that a grant for modernization funding was received for over $70,000. She indicated that the funding can be used to modernize facility rentals, boat slip leasing, campground bookings, landfill payments, entrance permits, sewer and water connection permits and sewer and water billings.

She further said that a request for proposals (RFP) can be prepared and the agreement must be signed and returned prior to March 20, 2020.

In regards to the $636,000 of funding received for modernization funding from the Province, Mrs. Shearer, Treasurer, noted that she is awaiting confirmation if the funding can be used for the Arena project. The Treasurer also mentioned that she prepared a report in July 2019 that contained a list of potential projects where the funding could be allocated.

Council discussed figures to add into the final 2020 Budget for consideration on March 23, 2020.

Mrs. Shearer summarized the changes to be implemented into Draft #1 of the 2020 Budget as follows:

Add Tobermory Sewer project- $75,000.00

Add Tobermory Water project- $128,000.00

Add GIS/IT contract position- $65,000.00 (from the modernization fund)

Add E-permitting and reduce transfer to Building Department Reserve-$12,500.00

Add full cost of Lion’s Head Lighthouse repairs- $35,000.00

Allocate another $60,000.00 to Lion’s Head Arena Reserves for a total of $80,000.00

Add Municipal Innovation Council 2020 in the amount of $24,672.00 (from the modernization fund)

Mr. Cameron advised that the GIS/IT contract position would be a 2-year contract and he will provide a staff report to Council including a job description in the spring with further information.

The Public Works Manager stated that he will combine all road repair projects into one line item as he does not currently have separate pricing for each road. He further advised Council that the contractor for streetlight repair will be leaving and a new tender will be prepared for streetlight repair and maintenance.

Mayor Mclver stated that staff will make amendments to the 2020 Budget as directed by Council and the final draft of the 2020 Budget will be presented for further consideration at the March 23, 2020 Council meeting.

Moved by D. Myles Resolution #10-02-2020 Seconded by L. Golden

That Council resumes budget deliberations on Draft #1 of the 2020 Budget, as prepared and presented by Municipal staff; and

That upon consideration of any comments or input received from the review, Council directs staff to make the necessary revisions for Draft #2 to be presented at a public meeting on March 23, 2020.


2. Manager of Community Services Report No. CS 20-09

RE: Current status of The Friendship Club building in Lion’s Head

Mr. Deska, Manager of Community Services, advised that the report he received from the engineer recommended that due to the deflection in the roof at the Friendship Club the whole roof should be replaced, as that is the best financial decision. He mentioned that it makes sense to wait on proceeding with repairs as further investigation is needed from an engineer to determine if the existing walls could withstand the new roof.

Mr. Deska will correspond with the group in regards to any interest in relocating the Friendship Club group to another location, such as the new Arena.

Council agreed to leave the facility in its current condition at this time.

Moved by L. Golden Resolution #10-03-2020 Seconded by M. Myles

THAT Council receives Manager of Community Services Report CS 20-09 as background information outlining the status of The Friendship Club building in Lion’s Head.


3. Manager of Community Services Report No. CS 20-10

RE: Lion’s Head Beach Campground – Electrical Work Update

Mr. Deska stated that he provided various options on how to address the electrical issue at the campground within his report.

He noted that the timing is challenging as the upcoming 2020 season is fast approaching.

Considerable discussion ensued on options to address the issue including the current electrical and high water posing a safety issue and the option of removing servicing from sites affected by high water.

There was a break in the meeting at 12:09 p.m.

The meeting reconvened at 1:46 p.m.

For further clarification relating to the above noted report and discussion, Mr. Deska requested that the following quote from Manager of Community Services Report No. CS 20-10 be included in the minutes:

“These considerations are all due to unforeseen high-water levels persisting through to this season. Projections are currently at an 8” rise in water levels, and should we see significant storm activity this summer, there may be further challenges with the waterfront sites. These events are outside the scope of the Municipality’s control.”

Further investigation is required.

Moved by M. Myles Resolution #10-04-2020 Seconded by L. Golden

THAT Council receives Manager of Community Services Report CS 20-10 the status of the Lion’s Head Beach Park Campground and options for repairs going forward, as information.



Mrs. Shearer provided information relating to a 20-year repayment plan on 1.5 million dollars as per a request from Mayor Mclver.


There is no Correspondence for Special Council Meeting No. 20-10, March 9, 2020.


Moved by M. Myles Resolution #10-05-2020 Seconded by L. Golden

THAT the following listed by-law be given 1st, 2nd and 3rd reading and enacted:




There is no Closed Session for Special Council Meeting No. 20-10, March 9, 2020.


There is no Closed Session for Special Council Meeting No. 20-10, March 9, 2020.


Moved by J. Mielhausen Resolution #10-06-2020 Seconded by D. Myles

THAT the meeting adjourns at 2:05 p.m.