Municipality Asks Visitors To Postpone Trips to Peninsula

    Media Release

    A Message to the Valued Visitors to Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula – Making Informed Decisions about COVID-19

    Lion’s Head, Ontario, March 23, 2020 – Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula is proud to host thousands of visitors annually, and our residents are so fortunate to call the Northern Bruce Peninsula home; however, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of uncertainty to those hoping and planning to visit the area in the coming weeks.

    Today, the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula is taking the step of asking all visitors to postpone trips to the peninsula for the next several weeks, and for visitors currently in the area to begin to make plans to return to home. We should all be taking the advice of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; travel is being reduced to essential travel only, and businesses and local services are scaling down operation or have closed, so we can all concentrate on our personal health and safety and that of our community members.

    Like many other small communities throughout Canada, the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula has extremely limited health care resources to serve our municipality. Our hospital in Lion’s Head, has 4 beds and very limited testing kits. The Bruce Peninsula National Park typically attracts many visitors each year, 

    but the Park is now closed. As the window narrows to help “flatten the curve” we need everyone’s help – including the thousands of visitors who love and appreciate this area.

    “In the future, the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula will be here to host you and give you an incredible experience; however, I am requesting for now, you share your memories of past visits or make plans to explore our Municipality when it is safe to travel”, said Mayor Milt McIver. “This recommendation is temporary only – just as the COVID-19 pandemic is – and we look forward to welcoming everyone back again soon. This has been a difficult decision. We take pride in welcoming visitors to our community, and we are looking forward to welcoming everyone back to the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula in the near future. We’ll get through this”.

    We wish to thank all visitors for their understanding, and for keeping their health and safety, and that of Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula families and health care providers front of mind. In addition, the Municipality greatly appreciates the efforts of short-term accommodation operators in assisting with rescheduling their reservations to aid with reducing visitors to our area and keeping a healthy vibrant community.

    We all must do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19, please stay home and be safe.