The BPDS Senior and Junior Girls Volleyball Teams pause long enough for a photo op before heading to a CWOSSA qualifier game in Wiarton, ON. Both teams played exceptionally well this year.
Submitted by Haley Forbes

As many of you have heard around the community, yes B.P.D.S. had two Secondary girls’ volleyball teams this season! We were very fortunate to have both a Senior and a Junior team, coached by Ashley Myles and Jen Cameron. 

The Senior Team had 8 players including: Jasmine Brough, Avery Hutchinson, Anna Chisholm, Morgan Clark, Haley Forbes, Chloe Mielhausen, Christianna Reimer-Catteau and Stacey Thompson. The Junior Team had 10 players including: Chloe Cameron, Morgan Daries, Haley Elgie, Maizy Hutchinson, Payton Lisk, Marissa Mielhausen, Laura Naves, Megan Nearingburg, Grace Wheeler and Mackenzie Zevenbergen. We were all very happy to have Lucas Hellyer as our Trainer. He travelled with us to many games and gave excellent advice both on and off the court.

We started off in November of 2019 practicing Tuesdays after school and Thursday mornings. We were all dedicated and excited to start this season as we had many practices and games ahead of us. We played games against Peninsula Shores, Grey Highlands, Georgian Bay, St. Mary’s and Owen Sound District Secondary School. Each game we gave it our all and never backed down. We kept a positive outlook and worked hard. 

Both Senior and Junior Teams qualified to go to the CWOSSA Qualifier held at Peninsula Shores on February 12, 2020. Unfortunately we didn’t move on to CWOSSA, however we feel proud that we were able to compete well against all the teams in the district and we noticeably improved our skills this season. We are all very thankful for everyone who contributed to the team as we couldn’t have done it without your support.