BPDS Secondary School Council accepts a donation from Bottlemaster Tim Hayes.
Submitted by Griffon Thomas
BPDS Secondary Student Council

Every Saturday this past October, something magical was taking place on the outskirts of Lion’s Head. Compelled by an unstoppable desire to do good for their community, high school students from B.P.D.S. representing their student council were volunteering at the Community Bottle Drive. 

Under the thoughtful tutelage of the stoic yet generous Bottlemaster Tim Hayes, these students sorted bottles, bags, cases, and cans until their hands were deeply stained with the sickly sweet smell of mold-infused alcohol. 

All proceeds from any empties in the donation locker went straight to the student council, and together with a donation from the anadromous Bottlesage, over 1,000 dollars were raised over the past month. Some of this money was used to fund a small fall-themed event at the school, and the rest will be used to support other secondary student activities. 

On behalf of student council and all of B.P.D.S., I would like to sincerely thank Bottlelord Tim Hayes for all of his generosity. 

In other exciting news, the B.P.D.S. athletics department has secured a $700 grant through OFSAA to pay for equipment that will be used in the new B.P.D.S. weight and training facility.

The school is always fundraising, and if any members of the community would like to help donate to the weight room, please contact the school office. We think this is a worthwhile project to support our teams.