“Nothing is the End of the World (except for the end of the world)” cast & crew. Front Row (L-R): Carter Caron, Abbey Tilley, Paige Klein, and Megan Glass-Ford. Back Row (L-R): Noelia Reyes, Sébastien Wall, Steven Cochrane, Reilly Meisner, Jeffrey Park, Shawn Briggs, Taylor Trimble, and Samantha Dorey. Not pictured: Shire Andino Rodriguez, Jayden Bumstead, and Chelsea Benham.
Submitted by Dameon Wall

After months of rehearsals and hard work, a group of passionate high school students are ready to put on a play at the Rotary Hall in Lion’s Head.

“Nothing is the End of the World (except for the end of the world)” is a young adult drama/comedy about teenage life in the age of technology.

In the near distant future, a New York City school becomes the first to welcome artificially intelligent students. However, new A.I. students Olive and Godfrey receive a chilly welcome from the already self-conscious and stressed out members of the junior class.

Sixteen year old director and producer Sébastien Wall from Barrow Bay has gathered a group of young actors to explore complex themes regarding the nature of creativity, sexuality, and the purpose of education in the modern world.

“Although we’re far from the metropolis of New York, technological change doesn’t just happen in bubbles,” Wall says. “We here on the Bruce Peninsula will feel the effects of technology just as people in the big city.”

There will be a single performance at the Rotary Hall in Lion’s Head at 2PM on Sunday, January 12th. Half of all ticket sales will be donated to the BPDS drama program to support upcoming productions. “I want to share my love of theatre with my community,” says Wall. “This show is put on from the perspective of young people, but it’s not just for teenagers.”

Advance tickets are available at Marydale’s Restaurant in downtown Lion’s Head, or they can be purchased at the door. Adults are $10, students are $5.

This show is recommended for ages 12 and up.