Tobermory Trailblazers Mastermind Group Invites New Members

Media Release

In December of 2017 local solopreneur Daryl Wood reached out to a few people she knew were running their own businesses to test the waters for a support network. Mastermind Groups are popular throughout the world where business owners come together to encourage, brainstorm, advise and acknowledge each other.

The Tobermory Trailblazers Mastermind Group has had, at times, up to four members and meets monthly following an agreed upon format. 

The requirements to join are simple: You must live in Tobermory, be self-employed and operate a year round business that you want to grow. As with most groups, businesses are non-competing, adhere to timelines and bring their knowledge, skills, and commitment to each other to make the most of the time they invest.

The benefits have helped Daryl and the other founding members (Sandi Holst and Sharon McComb) keep their focus and momentum on their respective businesses. Sharon says “This group supports me in being able to creatively build up and refine my business and keeps me accountable as I set goals and face challenges that come up. The expertise and shared resources I get have been invaluable, not to mention the encouragement!”. Sandi’s feeling is that “being a member of a group like this is ideal to stay motivated and focused to succeed even that much more. Having the ability to bounce ideas off of others is very valuable to say the least.”

Daryl had been in virtual Mastermind groups before and especially appreciates this group because “We meet face to face and there is an atmosphere of respect, encouragement and a genuine interest in seeing each other succeed. I’ve learned a lot and appreciate the confidentiality we give each other.” 

If anyone is looking for a positive focused networking group and you meet the membership criteria please reach out to any of the members for more information.