Rotary Club of Northern Bruce Peninsula Holds First Hybrid Meeting

Submitted by Jim Dilamarter

On September 15th, our club held its first ‘hybrid’ meeting which featured a presentation by our Rotary District Assistant Governor Pat Cavan who is a member of the Wiarton Rotary Club. 

A ‘hybrid’ meeting is a meeting that is ‘different in scope’ and ‘out of the ordinary’. We were attempting to get as many of our members engaged as possible and were able, thanks to the expertise of our secretary, Rotarian David Mansfield, to combine a live meeting at the Rotary Hall with a Zoom Meeting online.

David had the right computer equipment and screen. A half a dozen of us were at home and about ten were in the Rotary Hall. All at the hall were socially distanced and wearing masks. They followed the Health Unit’s protocols perfectly.

Rotarian David Mansfield stands at the front of the Rotary Hall operating the Zoom equipment with Rotarian John White standing on the left and six other Rotarians, socially distanced, seated at tables. Many of us were watching and participating via Zoom. We all could see and hear each other. It was a unique experience.

The good part was that it worked! We had a super meeting with lots of participation. We are not sure of the future with province-wide restrictions being expanded but we know we want to keep each other and the community safe.

It was a step towards getting things back to the ‘new normal’ that we hope can happen again as the situation allows.

We urge all to keep safe and to look after each other.