After 35 years with Canada Post, the last 20 years as Postmaster at Lion’s Head, Lori Ann Shearer’s last official day is February 12th.
By Joanne Rodgers,
Bruce Peninsula Press

Lori Ann Shearer’s last official day as Postmaster for Lion’s Head is 12 February 2021. She started as Postmaster on 5 September 2000. 

On 29 January, to celebrate her upcoming retirement, Canada Post staff and colleagues treated her to flowers and balloons. She says it was a perfect send-off, however she had to wait for her birthday two days later to have her cake.

Starting at Canada Post in July 1985 as a part-time assistant, she has enjoyed the routine, all the job activities and particularly enjoyed talking to customers. Dealing with her staff was the easy part, she says, they are all well trained and performed their jobs admirably.

John Francis of the Bruce Peninsula Press remembers fondly his time dealing with Shearer, saying “Dropping off newspapers at Lion’s Head Post Office was the nicest 5 minutes of the day. A couple of times when I was way behind schedule, she stayed late to take the papers so I wouldn’t have to come back in the morning.“

Shearer says even if it is cliche, she is looking forward to spending time with her three grandchildren and doing her hobbies.