Lioness Club Sponsors BPDS Salad Bar; Donates to Lion’s Head Foodbank

Submitted by Shirley Teasdale 

Every year, the Ferndale, Lion’s Head & District Lioness club donates funds to the meal program at Bruce Peninsula District School in Lion’s Head. This year, the club donated $600 to help with the very popular Salad Bar that is a favourite meal for many of the students each Wednesday. 

“The Salad Bar is popular with the students,” says Matt Pickett, the school’s Principal. “The big challenge is the cost of fresh salad materials and being able to access them” he said. “Fortunately, we do have local sponsors that donate, but it would be so much more helpful if we could find more local sponsors to help out.”

Starting the Salad Bar and introducing students to healthy salad foods was the brainchild of Nicole Gamble who is the volunteer coordinator for the school’s Breakfast Program, and Chair of the Parent Council. Ms Gamble also organizes a team of volunteers to shop and prepare food for the Wednesday salad bar. Ms Gamble suggested that having a salad bar meal would be nutritious for students, and the school agreed. The ball started rolling and Bev Gateman, Ontario Student Nutrition Program Community Manager for Grey Bruce, picked up the ball and ran with it, to ensure the salad bar would be realized. The school council helped by obtaining a grant last year that enabled the school to buy the infrastructure needed for the salad bar.

Obviously, when a project such as this one, which brings healthy nutrition to our school children, means that we all need to not only clap our hands, but also to open our wallets. 

Sponsors anyone?

Lioness Club Donates $600 to Lion’s Head Food Bank 

As winter closes in on the Peninsula, Coordinators of Food Banks in our area are struggling to keep the shelves stocked for those who need a helping hand. As we all know, food prices are high, and those most needy are striving to feed their families. 

This year, the Ferndale, Lion’s Head & District Lioness Club was able to donate $600 to assist the Lion’s Head & District Food Bank, plus a donation of food donated by Lioness members.

According to Darlene Myles, the coordinator of the Food Bank in Lion’s Head, the demand for assistance for needy families in our area has gone up 50 per cent since July. This year, 17 traditional hampers containing turkey and all the trimmings were delivered to help those who are needy to enjoy a happy Thanksgiving. 

The Food Bank depends on donations to fill monthly hampers which cost around $100 each. These hampers are filled with basic everyday foods and are delivered to families to ensure no one goes hungry.

“People in our area are very good at donating food and money,” says Darlene. “We are very appreciative that people drop off food at the food bank (located in the Revival Center Thrift Shop Building, 2617 Highway 6) or at Hellyer’s grocery store. Several organizations, such as the residents of Lakewood, regularly drop off donations and we also have a number of local companies that do the same” Darlene said.

Despite this, Darlene says that this fall, she has had to shop about four times to keep food on the Food Bank shelves. 

Most of the items on the shelves have to be bought, said Darlene. We also need to know that when we donate food, the Food Banks are not allowed to pass along food items that are past their sell-by date.

If you are able to help, the Food Bank is looking for jam, baked beans, soup, pancake mix and Hamburger Helper, as well items such as noodles in a container for a fast meal. The Food Bank also provides hygiene products that are also a welcome donation.

Again, this year, the Food Bank will be depending on our local police force who ask for donations of toys or money so that needy children receive a visit from Santa. The police gather these items outside of Hellyer’s Grocery Store in Lion’s Head during the annual Christmas Parade, held on December 7 this year.

Please bear in mind that some of our neighbours need help, and a donation to the Food Bank will be gratefully accepted. For more information call Darlene Myles at 519 378 8842. You may also text or call that number. For those online, go to