In The Garden: Hints From A Mrs. Gardener November In The Garden

Submitted by Joan Regan

The garden of 2019 is all put to bed and I must say not cutting anything back (nothing) is so much easier. Wishing I had dropped the “Nancy Neat” part of my DNA a lot earlier. However, I did put all the smaller pots that had perennials in them on the ground, crowding them together when possible, don’t know if this helps them or if it’s a case of “misery likes company” but they are down and it’s “later gator”, see ya in the spring.

All the garden tools wiped with an oily rag and put in a pail wrapped up in the same oily rag. The larger tools wiped and put in the cupboard, out of the elements. Nozzles taken off the hoses (forgot a couple last year – oops, my bad). Hoses hung up and everything tucked away in the garden shed and tarped. The mulch and top soil bins covered – heavy tarps on pullies pulled down and tucked away for their long winter’s nap. Just don’t make it too long Ma Nature.

I did my fall trimming and got lots of greenery to decorate the sap buckets, pots and window boxes for the festive season. I didn’t wait too long like last year and could still poke the branches into the soil that wasn’t frozen solid. They will get their pretty on after December 1st.

Speaking of Christmas Cactus (well I am anyway), I remember my mom having a beautiful one. I can still see it tucked away in the linen cupboard – never could figure that one out – nor did I care way back then. Years later though I did acquire mom’s love of house plants and a couple of years ago I got my own Christmas Cactus at Peacocks. It was gorgeous – but never bloomed again. It looked nice and healthy just no flowers. When I was watering my orchid late summer I gave the cactus a drink of the same water with the orchid fertiliser mixed in (nothing ventured nothing gained) and three/four weeks later well if she wasn’t full of buds. Blooming for weeks now with beautiful bright pink flowers. Not at Christmas, but do I care? She bloomed.

In just a bit December will be here and I just might treat myself to another. At least they love me. Poinsettias I’m thinking have a major hate on for me. They seem to know when it is the 26th of December they drop their leaves and go into such a pout that I get disgusted with them and it’s a quick trip to the composter. Now that’s tough love eh? Might be a good idea to give up on them altogether and get another Plantain Lily and put a red bow on him.

My Spider plant literally jumped out of her pot outside this past summer. She loves being outside hanging in the shade. I now have 4,000 babies rooting (anyone out there want a spider plant?) Put a red bow on them, will make a nice party favour too. You know how to get in touch with me.

Soon it will be December and just one month closer to gardening outside again. In the meantime, Happy Indoor Gardening,


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