Keep the Bruce Clean & Green: Leave No Prints Behind

Submitted by KTBC&G group

You can be the change we need! KTBC&G would like to challenge you. If everyone changed behaviours toward producing less waste we will all reap the benefits.
“How” you ask?
People can commit to:
• Bringing your own reusable bags/boxes to stores
• Carry your own personal straw, water bottle and coffee cup
• Buy in bulk to avoid single packages or over packaged merchandise
• Look for BUTT OUT containers and recycle/reuse as much as you can
• When you are out walking, carry a waste bag with you to pick up discarded material
• Make sure that your household garbage is secure from birds/animals by using a container or cover it
Businesses/committees and organizations can pledge to:
• Hold litter-less presentations or events
• Sponsor litter-less lunches & waste free days
• Make meetings litter free – no paper handouts
• Stop using plastic water bottles and disposable cups
• Use real utensils and plates rather than disposable items
Last year’s KTBC&G Thank you Chilli Dinner following the town cleanup had zero waste from the dinner as people were asked to BYOD&C, got you thinking? Bring your own dish and cutlery.
The goal is simple, let’s all commit to leaving no prints behind.
Don’t forget the “I Scrubbed the Tub” event will be held on Tuesday June 11th, 5:30 pm at the Tobermory Legion. Volunteers for the community clean-up can contact Kathy or Jason at or call 519-596-2452 to sign up. Also consider putting out your Tomato Cage Litter bags on the Chi-Cheemaun Festival weekend beginning June 7th.
Coming soon KTBC&G is going to add another “R” to the idea of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Respect” – any guesses?” Email us at KTBC&G. Thank you for doing your part. Do you have other ideas? Email