Isthmus Bay Property Owners Shift to Year Round Programming

Submitted by Len Friesen

A few pints at a local pub on Thanksgiving Day weekend may not seem all that newsworthy. Yet it marked a significant new shift for the Isthmus Bay Property Owners Association, which represents owners all around the bay from Whippoorwill Road to Chetwynd Lane.

The Association agreed at its Annual Meeting in July to shift to year-round programming. “It’s great that we’ve finally figured out that not everyone is here for only the summer months”, says Greg McNeil, a long-time property owner on the Bay. The Association agreed, and for the first time its Executive has planned a series of events in the “off-season”.

Max Perchanok, whose family has been coming to the Bay for decades, likes the range of events being planned: “We’ve maybe spent too much energy on local political issues in the past, and not enough on just getting to know each other as neighbours.”

Future events include a breakfast meeting with MNBP Councillor Megan Myles and another with a local realtor about trends past and present. A conversation with a local health care practitioner is also on the horizon, as is a spring meeting dedicated to butterflies and birds on the Bruce. Then there will be other unstructured gatherings over a pint or coffee, and breakfast get-togethers to coincide with the Lion’s Head Market’s winter schedule. Even a community potluck is in the works as we head into summer 2020. “There’s something for everyone”, says Executive Member Anne Howe, “which is just want we want.”

There have been other changes. The Association is now active on Facebook and Instagram, which is also where people can find information on membership. However Association events are open to all. “It’s great that we’ve finally figured out the year-round piece”, says lifelong resident Patti Hellyer. “After all, not all of us close up shop and go south come September!”

The Association’s next meeting is “Breakfast with Mayor Milt” on Saturday, 16 November 2019 at Marydale’s Restaurant at 9 a.m. Those interested in attending should e-mail Association President Len Friesen at to reserve a seat at the table. 

“Meet Neighbours. Build Community”. That’s not a bad goal for times like these, regardless of the community you call home on the Bruce.