Letter: Waste Not… Want Not?


Battling Climate Change in a Personal Way

Waste management is a frame of mind that you put into practice. I am a long time patron of thrift shops, especially those that support good causes. Never a trendy dresser, the only new things I have purchased for some time are underwear. 

Spring cleaning hit me like a ton of bricks when Covid 19 isolation made me take a good look at what I had, needed, used or ignored. Now that has never been a problem for me when it comes to art because I always enjoy it, pay attention to it and get such satisfaction and new ways of seeing from it. Mind you, some things have a meaning well beyond the aesthetic, maybe sentimental or associated with how they came to be or to be mine. Value is often associative and in the eye of the beholder.

So, out goes boxes of long unused books, china, records, CDs, DVDs, hats, shoes, linens and clothing and such. To what end? Wishfully thinking that the donations will be appreciated as I once did, be re-purposed, re-used and acquired to a good home. In my 70s, moving on, new phases in my life, no longer the grower of bonsai or orchids, no longer the entertaining hostess passionately cooking giant meals 

Generosity. Avoiding land-fill excesses/pollution. Battling climate change in a personal way, one modest small step at a time

What do you treasure? What do you share? What to pass on? What can you do without?

Arlene Kennedy,