Letter: Do Not Fence and Sign Our Beautiful Field


Hi, I’m Jack and this is Oscar. We heard you were looking into a dog park down the street from us.

Actually, that field is our and many of our old friends (may they rest in peace) stomping grounds. We have run that field for over 13 years, although these days we are lucky to make it to the front lawn to dog watch.

In the old days when we arrived at the field it was common courtesy to check to see if it was our friends in the field so we could run and play together. If it was a strange dog to us then we stayed leashed and got to continue on for a walk in the neighbourhood.

The point of my story is PLEASE DO NOT put up a black fence in a beautiful field, and worse yet, more unwanted signs.

I’m pretty sure Mother Nature is cursing our small town already! What with all the sign pollution we have.

If you have extra money put it beside the Rotary Hall and maybe help beautify that area. Or even better yet, ask your owner to go on a day trip to other communities with dog parks – a little family time.

Thanks for reading my thoughts.

Jack (the dog) Elliott,

Lion’s Head