Back-To-School: Bruce Peninsula District School News

Pizza Day! Cafeteria Manager Marian Beninger (left) and School Council volunteer Nicole Gamble (right) are aided by co-op student Michelle Davies Straby (centre) who is starting the year helping prepare delicious snacks and lunches for BPDS staff and students.
Submitted by Matt Pickett

The BPDS cafeteria is a spot that many local parents and guardians probably remember from when they were in school. Who can forget Friday pizza or treats at break time?
This year the struggle to keep the cafeteria afloat is being met by staff and students with real enthusiasm and commitment. Chef/cafeteria manager Ms Marian Beninger has been working hard to try to produce meal options that are both compliant with provincial food rules and also keep the students wanting to eat in the “caf”.
Adding to the work is the very successful Wednesday Salad Bar program that was started last year as part of the Farm to Cafeteria grant. This program is designed to expose students to fresh local produce and has been a huge success. Last year the North Bruce Fire Department staff kicked in a large donation to keep the weekly salad bar free for all students. This year, Marydale Ashcroft, Tim Hayes and the local North Bruce Fire Dept have each donated $500 to get the first two months free. The goal would be to have other community groups or individuals step up and support the program throughout the year.
School Council Chair Nicole Gamble says “I am continually amazed at how excited kids are for salad bar day. Watching them trying new foods and enjoying new tastes makes it all worthwhile.”
If you are interested in supporting the program, please contact the school (519-793-3211) and they will walk you through how to donate for a tax receipt. Also: if you have students at BPDS, you can help keep the “caf” viable by purchasing daily lunch or snacks.

Girls’ Secondary Basketball

BPDS is very excited to see the Girls’ Secondary Basketball program flourish. During the first week is when tryouts start for basketball, volleyball (boys), cross country, golf, tennis along with a variety of arts and drama clubs.

Despite being a tiny school, BPDS will have a Girls Basketball team this year.
Team members include (front row, from left): Capucine Pasco, Laura Naves, Natalie Rouse, (back row) Payton Lisk, Maizy Hutchinson, Angela Rico.

Mr Gerald DeWitt is the basketball team’s community coach. He shows up dutifully and brings tonnes of basketball experience. The girls will work hard to prepare for a BAA season against all the other local high schools.
Teacher sponsor Jodi Naves says “Our girls can compete with anyone in our Board if they put their minds to it. Many of the girls have come through the elementary program and work hard to get better every practise.” Ms Naves is also happy that our French Exchange Student, who happens to live with the Naves family while she is in Canada, is a very accomplished basketball player. She joins a great group of school athletes.
Stay tuned for scoreboard updates — the girls start their season very soon.

Foreign Exchange Students at BPDS

Foreign Exchange students Capucine Pasco (left) and Angela Rico will be at
BPDS until mid-November. Both girls are in Grade 10.

Foreign Exchange student Capucine loves basketball; she plays for a club called Auray PLCA, near her home town of Pluvigner in Brittany, France. She has a brother and a sister but she is the first to do an international exchange. BPDS is a big change for Capucine — her school at home has well over a thousand students and classes run from 8:00am to 5:00pm. She likes Ontario’s shorter school day, although she is tired after speaking English all day. She is delighted to be at BPDS and has made new friends. Her favourite subject is math. In Canada she is staying with the Naves family. When she returns to France, “my host sister Laura Naves will be coming to my house in Feb 2020 to go to school with me.” The high point of her trip so far is “going to Florida in the summer to have a vacation with the Naves family”.
Angela is from Madrid, Spain, which is a bit bigger than Lion’s Head. She is staying with the McAfee family in Tobermory. She has a brother at home but this is the first time she has had a little sister (Kaylin McAfee). Angela likes sports and intends to play basketball and take advantage of the small school experience by trying new sports while in Canada. Her school in Madrid also has teams but with well over a thousand students it’s not as inviting. But school size isn’t the only difference. “We don’t have lockers,” she explains. “I need lots of help opening my locker.” Her favourite subject is chemistry but math comes a close second. She enjoys attending BPDS but the bus ride “not so much.”

Zach Rodgers (left) and Chloe Mielhausen created the new Panthers mural
on the wall beside the Music Room. Go Panthers!