Letter: Objection to Tour Boat Business on Big Tub Harbour


The following letter was sent to the Mayor of the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula.

Mayor Milt McIver, 

We are writing to object to Bruce Anchor Cruises operating their tour boat business, including shuttle bus services, to and from Tobermory out of Big Tub Resort or the former Symes property on Big Tub Rd. 

This is based on the current zoning bylaw # 2002-54 & in particular section 18C1- provisions for commercial zone 1, definitions of “marina, transportation depot” and “commercial motor vehicle”.

We also object to the MNBP not consulting or advising Big Tub Residents or Property Owners of Bruce Anchor Cruises application or intent, or the MNBP’s approval?

We would appreciate you advising Bruce Anchor Cruises that the present zoning does not permit the operation of a tour boat business at these locations. 

We also would appreciate you tabling our concerns at the August 12th 2019 Council meeting as well as confirming your position of our concerns and objections by return mail.

Thank you for your consideration.

Jennifer Hackett,