Letter: Funding Should Be Spent on Infrastructure, Not Wages/ Benefits for Community Services Manager Position


The following letter was sent to the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula Council and staff.

Council and Staff:

I’m writing to you today to express my extreme displeasure with the continuing support of this unnecessary staffing action. The last thing our municipality needs is another management level position within our municipality. When I sat at council, I recall some staff and councilors express the position that the municipality shouldn’t be involved in managing tourism, and now that’s what some of the same people are promoting. The provincial funding we received this year needs to be spent on infrastructure, not wages and benefits. We have roads and bridges crumbling, inadequate water and sewer services, and a ditch that the municipality constructed and owns that floods properties from Happy Hearts Park to Dunk’s Bay, including one of its own buildings. Despite over fifty years of complaints and requests to deal with this drainage issue, the municipality has failed to undertake appropriate urgent remediation.

Secondly, I believe that Councillor Myles has a direct conflict regarding this staffing action, and should recuse herself. Part of the job description is to implement the unnecessary and over-reaching recommendations of the Sustainable Tourism Project, which she co-produced. Implementation of this plan will only further allow Parks Canada and self-serving special interest groups to continue to interfere with the tourism function, and other activities that are under the express purview of the municipality and the business community. Her vote on this staffing action could potentially benefit her pet project, which is entirely inappropriate. I would ask that this decision be deferred until after my forthcoming complaint is heard by the municipal Integrity Commissioner and the Ontario Ombudsman.


Rob Rouse,